Merlin Land is a sandbox metaverse filled with magic, adventure, and construction.

Step into Merlin Land, enter a world of limitless possibilities, a paradise for heroes, creators, and explorers. In this vast sandbox virtual universe, you can unleash your imagination and build your own wonders.

Every corner of Merlin Land is filled with unknown adventures. Deep forests, mysterious caves, endless wildernesses await the brave explorers to unveil their secrets. Here, you can become a valiant knight, challenging formidable monsters; a powerful mage mastering ancient magic; or a skilled architect creating astonishing architectural marvels.

Now, wizards, pick up your wands, join Merlin Land, and start your magical adventure! Let's write our legendary story together! 🐺

Merlin Maps


Build the land you own in Merlin Land. You can use metadata to bring BRC420 or other BTC (L1) assets to your land. (The Alpha version is for testing only, we will open the space metadata IDE in the future)

Merlin Land


Merlin Land adopts the ERC1420 protocol to realize inscription & NFT & ERC20 interchange. For the first time, metadata spatial axis positioning is implemented, and Mint is completely free.

Merlin Box


Merlin Box uses the ERC1420 protocol to achieve inscription & NFT & ERC20 interchangeability. Box has a total of 4 unique attributes for building your Merlin Land.

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