Merlin Land

Build Merlin Land(Alpha)

Build the land you own in Merlin Land. You can use metadata to bring BRC420 or other BTC (L1) assets to your land. To build many lands, try using contract batching. (The Alpha version is for testing only, we will open the space metadata IDE in the future)

1.Select a Merlin Land

Which Merlin Land will you build? (Land ID)

2.Enter Land title

Name your land and the name will be displayed on our public page

0 of 64 bytes

3.Enter metadata

Enter a metadata for your Land. Typically this will start with https://

0 of 128 bytes

4.Upload image

image will be displayed in maps thumbnail

Design your image carefully to be 10×10 pixels.

Do not use animation or transparency. PNG and some other formats can be used here.

Image status: no image selected